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Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia

Education Program Overview

Starting at the Introductory Trail Rider Level 1 and progressing to Wilderness Trail Guide Level 4, the Back Country Horsemen of BC's skill-level program highlights a set of skills and knowledge that individuals can use to set goals for themselves.

Participants can work at their own level and at their own pace. There are no required courses or exams as such, but rather participants use the four levels of the program to identify skill sets or knowledge they would like to obtain, then work with a coach, instructor, or knowledgable person to obtain their goals.


Individually – Once you have accessed and read over the 4-Level Trail Rider Program, select items from any of the 4 levels you feel you want to work on. You can use any instructor, coach or knowledgeable person to help you attain the skills you’ve set out as your goals. Likewise, the Trail Rider Program competencies can be used to assess your progress. Once you and your coach or instructor feel you've “got it”,  have them initial your Pocket card or Handbook and move on to your next goals.


As a Group or Chapter – From anywhere in the 4-Level Trail Rider Program select an item or items that you would like to work on as a group. Using the Trail Rider Pocket Cards or the Trail Rider Handbook, you can work with a clinician or a knowledgeable person to build a clinic or event to develop the skills and knowledge appropriate to your level.  Learning events can also be incorporated into Chapter meetings. As participants attain their goals, instructors can initial participant's Pocket Cards or Handbooks. Combining an event with a Social function such as a Potluck Wind-Up can be an enjoyable and friendly way to present educational materials.


Certification - is an option made available through other Certifying Organizations. Contact the Education Chair for more information.

To Learn more about the different levels and identified skills, click on the link below:

Program Levels 

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