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Work Bee Reports - The WHY and HOW we do them.


workbeePlease send your Chapter Work Bee Reports by email to:

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BCHBC Chapters across the Province work to clear and repair trails, improve footing, build bridges, and other forms of trail maintenance as well as scouting new trails. We do this because we enjoy the actual work or because we enjoy the resulting betterment of the trail. So why do we fill out work bee reports? There are several reasons to fill out reports and track the work we have done and the following are some examples:

  • Lets other riders in your chapter know about new trails and/or conditions.
  • Helps you track the efforts put forward by chapter members.
  • Give history of who attended and has local knowledge of the trail.
  • Encourages other members to attend/organize work bees.
  • Provides historical information as to who built/maintained a trail.

These are just a few reasons, but in time of trail use conflict the last may be the most important. Chapter Trail Reports are submitted to Provincial for a Province-wide summary so we can use accurate information when working with Parks, Recreation, Sites and Trails, and Private Landowners. We keep records Provincially so when there is a conflict over access to a trail we can use our work bee reports from the past to prove use and commitment to the trail.

What should be included on a Work Bee Report?To answer this question I think we need to identify what we are trying to track with these reports. Some of the elements that might be involved are:

  • Scouting new trail
  • Meeting with authorities over access/permission
  • Building new trail
  • Maintaining existing trail
  • Mapping/documenting trails
  • OtherDscf0052aa

The work bee report should have provisions to record all activities that arise out of these elements. Time spent meeting with authorities can also be included. So remember the next time you go and clear some windfalls or build a new section of trail, fill out a work bee report and send it in - your right to ride in the future may depend on it.

 Paul Fyfe
Provincial Work Bee Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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