Aldergrove Chapter


Aldergrove Chapter is an enthusiastic mix of about 90 members from all over the lower mainland.  Our members range from people happy to participate in a day ride to hardcore packers itching to head into the backcountry for a week or more.  There are a lot of “out of the box” thinkers in our club and we try to accommodate all the needs and wants of our membership.

Pretty much every month Aldergrove hosts a day ride.  We have ridden anywhere from Campbell Valley Park to the Fraser River in Deroche on these rides, which usually involve a campfire and lunch.  Our annual rides include The Whine Ride, The Cordial Ride, The Remembrance Day Ride and The Jingle Bell Ride.  These need inventive names because the weather is often abysmal and we try anything to entice people into participating.

During the good weather we have several “Rig Rides” which people trailer to, ride as much as they want, then sleep in the comfort of their cozy camper, trailer or tent and ride again the next day.  We have had rides at Golden Ears, Lundbom Lake, Whitworth Horse Camp, and the Haller Trail to name a few.  Even more decadent are the “Resort Rides” when we ride at a ranch where meals and cabins are provided!  This year there was only one, at Timber Ridge, and it was very popular.

Of course, there are the pack trips.  We try to organize one per year but the need for pack animals and the ability to pack them, and high-line etc., limits the number of people who can, or even want to, participate.  That is where our Education program comes in.

Each year we pass a sheet around to see who wants to learn about what.  We cover topics like packing, high-lining, hobbling, building a fire, how to replace a pulled shoe, using a GPS or compass, human and equine first aid, chainsaw operation, and much more.  Then during the dark and rainy days of winter we meet and learn.

The members of our club really seem to like each other and consequently we have a lot of social activity.  Sometimes these are just for fun, like the gathering of would-be musicians who call themselves “The Pond Frogs”, or our annual picture night, Christmas party or the BBQ’s; and sometimes we try to make a little money for our trail work.  The past few years we have put on a “Cabin Fever Dance” which allowed us to have a lot of fun and make a bit of money!

More than anything though is our trail work.  We are currently at work on the South Langley Regional Trail as well as helping maintain the trails around Golden Ears and Whitworth Horse Camp in the Skagit Valley.  Our mandate is to protect our right to ride and we take a proactive approach, working with governing bodies and other user groups, volunteering our time, machinery, and considerable trail building savvy.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month September – June (summer we ride) at the Lucky Star Saloon, 607-200th Street in Langley.  We have a speaker before each meeting on topics from colic to bears, with plenty of time before and after for schmoozing.

Which is why we all keep showing up I guess!

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