Robson Valley Chapter


The Back Country Horsemen of BC’s Robson Valley Chapter is located in the Robson Valley, and includes the nearby communities of McBride, Valemount, Dunster, Tete Jaune, Mount Robson, Crescent Spur and Dome Creek.

The Robson Valley Chapter was founded in the spring of 2010 by a small group of avid back country riders and, over the years, has grown to approximately 30-40 members, including several youths.  Members include everything from front country riders to avid multi-day backcountry riders.

The chapter has no set days or locations for meetings, but tries to meet once a month for various events.  Elections are held annually in November.

The Robson Valley Chapter was started up because members saw the need for improvement of access to both the front country and backcountry areas of the Robson Valley, as well as exploration and rehabilitation of historic pack trails in the area along the Continental Divide.  Since inception, the chapter has been involved in such activities as improving trail heads and staging areas, GPS’ing and mapping of existing trails so they are officially recognized through Forestry Act Section 15 and 16,  building new trails, and, regularly maintaining and preserving existing trails for day rides and backcountry excursions.

The Robson Valley Chapter strives to create positive, safe riding experiences for its members, and promotes awareness and understanding for a cooperative wilderness experience.  As well, we work to preserve and enhance the recreational use of public lands and trails for all equestrians through collaboration with individuals, land managers, provincial and federal government, businesses, and other recreational users of public land.

The Robson Valley Chapter hosts trail rides, workshops, work bees, potluck get-togethers, and sleigh rides as well as participating in parades and other events.  Our chapter also organizes an annual poker ride in late September, which is always well attended by both locals and out-of-town riders.

Some of the chapter members’ favourite places to ride are the Swift Current Creek trail, Bell(e) Mountain, and the Two Rivers trail, where the annual poker ride takes place.  Another favourite is MacIntosh Falls.  If you are interested in backcountry rides, there is easy access to the Great Divide Trail via the Moose River and Blueberry Creek trails.

Over the 10 years we have been a chapter we have become a well respected and major contributor to the communities in the Robson Valley.  We have representation on the Robson Valley Tourism Association, participate in the annual Pioneer Days weekend, and work collaboratively with other trail user groups.  We appreciate the incredible local support we receive from the Regional District of Fraser Fort George and the Village of McBride, as well as Mount Robson Provincial Park and Recreation Sites and Trails BC.

Our current projects under construction:

  • Bell(e) Mountain multi-use trail network suitable for equestrian, snowshoe, hike, and untracked ski use.  This project provides a variety of trails from the river valley to the high alpine with many loop options and many beautiful views of the Robson Valley and Rocky Mountain peaks.  (Projected completion date August 2021)
  • MacIntosh Falls, rustic equine campground and recreational site:

This 12-site user-maintained campground located adjacent to the MacIntosh Falls on Bell(e) Mtn will have two corrals and one hitching rail at each site and stock water. Construction begins in 2021 and projected opening is summer of 2023.

  • Koeneman Park McBride Mountain trails staging area and equine rest stop

This staging area is nestled along the Fraser River just off the highway in McBride and has two horse corrals for emergency overnight use. Though close to the river, the banks are unstable, so it is recommended that users provide their own stock water, or walk their horses to a safer watering spot at the highway end of Koeneman Park approximately ¼ km from the staging area.  From Koeneman Park, there is access to an 11-km multi-use (equine, mountain bike, hike) trail.  (Completed 2020)

  • Little Falls Parking Lot expansion:

The trails committee met with our forestry recreation officer to discuss a plan for enlarging the tourist parking at Little Falls as this was a more economically feasible solution than building a separate equine staging area.  The work was supervised by our trails committee. (completed summer 2020).

  • Little Falls Loop trail:  The trails committee has flagged out a 5-km loop trail option on the bottom of Teare Mountain which has very nice vista views of the surrounding mountain and will be a very suitable option for early season riding on the sunny side of the valley.  An application for section 57 approvals of this loop will be sent to the government this winter with plans to start clearing the trail in 2021.

The Robson Valley Chapter trail projects in the Robson Valley since the chapter was formed in 2010:

  • Spring trail clearing on the Berg Lake trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Horse packing supplies for the annual Mount Robson Provincial Park Marathon
  • Bridge replacement along the Moose River
  • Construction of a corduroy on the connector trail between Resplendent Creek and the Moose River in Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Clearing of the historic horse trail and construction of corduroy in the Swift Current Creek valley in Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Robson Valley chapter hosted a collaborative work bee and multi-day campout with Mount Robson Provincial Park Rangers, the Great Divide Trail Association and Robson Valley Chapter volunteers clearing of the Moose River trail and side trails to Colonel Pass and Upright Pass on the Great Divide.
  • Installed a hitching rail, kiosk and outhouse at the Blueberry trail head – access trail to the Great Divide
  • Annual clearing of the Blueberry Lake trail and campground maintenance of the Blueberry equine camp
  • Annual clearing of Teare Mountain horse trail by Little Falls on the Holmes River 11 km east of McBride
  • Cleared and brushed the trail from Bess Pass Jasper at Jasper National Park boundary to Jack Pine Pass on the continental Divide
  • Cleaned up and flew out garbage left by previous users from camps along the Moose River route  in Mount Robson Provincial Park
  • Moose River Route Staging area in Mount Robson Provincial Park:  Relocated equine and hiking staging area, installed hitching rails, outhouse, corrals, and kiosk and located a new safer trail access route

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