Skeena Stikine Chapter


Established in December 2014, the Skeena Stikine Chapter (near Terrace) was established after Richard Rennison picked up the phone and made the call to BCHBC, and with the help and encouragement of the NW Chapter, the 20th Chapter of BCHBC came to be.  The local response from the equine community has been, and continues to be, overwhelmingly supportive.

Our chapter domain covers from the far north, Dease Lake area, south to Kitwanga, west through to Terrace and Prince Rupert, south to Kitimat and north again to the Nass Valley and area.

With this large northern BC area, we have SO many trails and areas to ride from.  Some of our favourite and spectacular places to ride are:

  • Spring Creek/Deep Creek Trail is a beautiful forest ride, old logging roads combined with trails and small lakes, water crossings, wildlife encounters and few good elevations to climb with many loops to ride depending on your time and skill level.
  • Williams Creek is another old logging road that has some great views of the area.
  • Copper Mountain is a day ride with a stunning view of the Skeena Valley and Terrace; quite a workout for the horses.
  • Trapline Mountain Trail, Shames Mountain, Sterling Mountain all offer a day ride/overnighter with amazing mountain views and beautiful alpine to explore.
  • Copperside Trails also offer another great but less intensive ride with beautiful views, and access to the Skeena River beaches for those who like shorter rides but still like to practice their mountain trail skills.
  • Kitimat Trails near the Snowflake Grounds offer many trail options whether you want to ride for a few hours or more.  Offering tons of potential in this area for many more trails/overnighters.  Beautiful grounds with stalls and camping available.
  • Telkwa Pass is a historical trail that links Terrace and Smithers; we hope to work on this trail with the NW Chapter and possibly meet in the middle.
  • Seven Sisters /Oliver Creek Trail, & Maroon Mountain are other trails our chapter hopes to see improvements happen on.

We have a fun-filled year of rides, various clinics, fundraising (poker rides) and trail building.

THANK YOU to Chapter members for submitting your amazing photographs.  For more information, we invite you to contact us below or follow us on FaceBook!

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