Recognized  in 2019 for her talents as a Junior poet,


Mikayla Peter recited her original work, “Grounded Souls” to a very appreciative audience at the Prince George Rendezvous and managed to wrap up the title of BCHBC Cowboy Poet for 2022.

Her efforts won her a place on the Ernie Buckle perpetual plaque plus a beautifully engraved Montana silver buckle embossed with Ernie’s image and 2022.

Congratulations Mikayla Peter!!!

The Ernie Buckle Prize

Read her poem below or click HERE to see the Youtube video of her recitation.


Grounded Souls 

I have to change my car oil, go grocery shopping, make dinner, laundry, vacuum, clean

My mind doesn’t stop making these checklists The chores whirl around 

Slapping the edges of my brain 

I need a 

Breath, I need a………..

1- 2- 3- 4- – The beat of my horses steps becomes my peace.

The way my body moves so rhythmically becomes my yoga.

The gentle gurgle of the stream

Becomes my meditation.

The only way

I can escape the whirlpool that has become my mind

Is to relax my reins and enjoy the ride……….

Our world revolves around fear and anxiety.

Just take a glimpse at the news.

Parts of the world are flooding, others burning.

Droughts, poverty, violence.

Don’t look too deep for you will fall too far……….

 For us,

we are able to turn to our horses.

The gentle nicker we receive each morning

Melts away a drop of stress.


The trance we all fall into from brushing

Makes us focused and present while

watching the dust

and hair fall to the floor.

The indescribable smell of horse we all admire……….

But a bing from our phone takes our attention away

How easily distracted we are by a tiny box

The anxiety waits for this moment to remind us 

That one days work isn’t enough to fill up our gas tank

Sometimes we go hungry because groceries are becoming a luxury 

Wait… when is rent due? ……………….

 The shuffle

of metal shoes brings us back to earth.

We find a way to ground ourselves through horses.

We can take time to listen to the birds

While wondering through trails.

Pine trees and warm air surrounds us.

Like a cartoon,

The trees creak and sing.

Our horses are the gateway back to earth.

Their souls are windows to heaven.

That’s why we all find so much comfort in our horses eyes.

They see us

as we should see each other,




But sometimes people forget that

about one another.


We have so much to learn from our horses.

I know mine teach me everyday.

They made me who I am.

I’m just grateful for the help along the way.