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Project Name: Mount Robson Provincial Park
Start Year: 2018

The Mt Robson trails that Robson Valley maintain include 1) Swift Current Creek and 2) the Moose River staging area and Route.
Swift Current Creek:
Refer to the HCBC trails database for the maps and description.
Moose River Staging Area:
Located off Highway 1 approx 1.5 km East of Moose Lake. Cross the railway tracks (the gate may be dummy locked- check for an open daisy-chained lock) and follow the road up to a gravel pit where the hitching rails, 2 corrals, and an outhouse are located. The Moose River route trailhead is located just off the top of the road above the staging area. The Moose River route is cleared whenever members or other horse parties such as outfitters travel that direction but is not maintained regularly to a front country trail standard. It is only a route for experienced riders with route finding experience. Topographical maps are required. The route follows the Moose River crossing the River many times all the way up to Moose Pass. This route provides many options for multi-day/week rides with many side valley options up to the great divide, such as Colonel Pass and Upright Pass both in Jasper National Park just over the Divide. Stepp Creek and Slide lake camps are both located below the Moose Pass. Once over the Moose Pass there are two campgrounds located in Jasper National Park – Calumet Camp and Adolphus Camp. The trail intersects the Jasper National Park North Boundary trail on the Smokey River below Calumet Camp.

In 2018 the Robson Valley Chapter commissioned the development of a Master Plan for the Belle Mountain area.  The primary objectives are: 1)  to develop an equine campground & staging area which will provide for overnight use by equestrians and, 2)  to improve access to existing multi use trails in the area – providing riding opportunities on existing & new trails, as well as for access to the alpine via several potential routes.  The initiative is now underway with logging for the campsite expected by spring of 2021.  This is a multi-year initiative and is currently not operational or open to the public, but please read more and you will be appreciative of this exciting BCHBC Project!  Revisit this page for more updates as the year progresses.

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