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Education is and has always been a focus for the Back Country Horsemen of BC.  It comes in many forms; first and foremost is simply speaking with experienced members who are often willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  Throughout the year, chapters will invite guest speakers to present on everything under the sun with respect to the equine industry – such as manure management, veterinary issues, saddle fitting, hoof care, barn & pasture management, forage needs, emergency plans, first aid (human and equine), GPS training, packing skills, knot tying and more!  Chapters also host a variety of activities such as horsemanship, trail & cowboy challenge or packing clinics, trailer safety rodeos and other topics all chosen from our 4-Level Trail Rider Education program.  All this and more is available to BCHBC members.


Trail Rider Education Program

A four-level initiative with a strong focus on the safety, skills and knowledge required for trail riding starting at basic riding skills, progressing through camping with your equines and if desired, learning to guide pack trips.  Read More »

How do you use the BCHBC 4-Level Educational Program?

Individually – Once you have accessed and read over the 4-Level Trail Rider Program, select items from any of the 4 levels you feel you want to work on.  You can use any instructor, coach or knowledgeable person to help you attain the skills you’ve set out as your goals.  Likewise, the Trail Rider Program competencies can be used to assess your progress.  Once you and your coach or instructor feel you’ve “got it”, have them initial your pocket card or Handbook and move on to your next goals.

As a Group or Chapter – From anywhere in the 4-Level Trail Rider Program select an item or items that you would like to work on as a group.  Using the Trail Rider Pocket Cards or the Trail Rider Handbook, you can work with a clinician or a knowledgeable person to build a clinic or event to develop the skills and knowledge appropriate to your level.  Learning events can also be incorporated into chapter meetings.  As participants attain their goals, instructors can initial participant’s pocket cards or Handbooks.  Combining an event with a social function such as a ride or potluck wind-up can be an enjoyable and friendly way to present educational materials.

Certification – The BCHBC program is competency based and therefore does not offer certification but if individuals wish to obtain certification it is an option made available through other certifying organizations.

Is there recognition for completing a level?

Yes, a BCHBC letter of recognition is available to a member who completes a level.

Contact the BCHBC Education chair for more information

Education Program resources available in our Members Only Library –

BCHBC 4- Level Trail Rider’s Education Program poster

BCHBC  4- Level Trail Rider’s Handbook  2021 ( Prints in booklet style)

BCHBC 4-Level Trail Rider’s Handbook 2021 ( Prints in individual pages )

Resource tip:   Printing out the Trail Rider’s Handbook in booklet style requires pages to be printed on both sides in duplex fashion.  This means experimenting with your printer settings, allowing the pages to line up in a way that will produce a booklet when the pages are stacked together and folded in half.

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Leave No Trace Canada

Leave No Trace Canada (LNT) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships.  Leave No Trace principles build awareness, appreciation and respect for our wildlands.  BCHBC strongly supports and encourages all riders to embrace the 7 Principles of LNT.

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