It’s great to see that chapters are beginning to plan future events!  However, as a result of the pandemic, BCHBC stongly recommends that everyone complete the new waiver(s) with respect to all inherent risks, including COVID, when attending a sanctioned event.

These waivers are:

  1. The Facility Use Waiver is used when a Chapter uses a facility for a meeting or an event.  This waiver is to be completed prior to entry into the facility BCHBC is using.
  2. The Event Participation Waiver is used for any BCHBC organized event where others will be present.  Work bees, Inter-Chapter rides would be two examples.  This waiver is completed just prior to attending the event.
  3. The Daily COVID Attestation is used in all cases – it specifically speaks to an individual’s knowledge of COVID and their own health plus agrees to follow laws, recommended guidelines etc., as laid out by our Provincial Health Authorities.  This would be completed on each day of the event.

The applicable waivers need to be completed JUST PRIOR TO or ON the day of each event you host.  Please familiarize yourself with them. 

Downloadable copies can be found in the BCHBC Library under Section 2, Chapter Resources.

If you have any questions about the above waivers, about holding a sanctioned event, or our BCHBC insurance coverage,  please email

Stay safe, stay healthy and let’s take care of one another.