January 22, 2021.  BCHBC members headed by Aldergrove chapter had a good meeting with BC Parks regarding horses and parking of horse trailers at Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge.

A real need for designated equine parking spaces at Golden Ears Provincial Park.

BC Parks has agreed to install signs indicating designated horse trailer parking at the Main Corral parking lot for 4 or 5 spots.  When camping opens in May 2021 there will  also be a new horse trailer parking lot on the road to the group campsites. Park Rangers will issue warning tickets to non horse trailers using these designated spots.  The group camp will also be open to other users, both horse and non horse, to reserve for a fee in the near future.

BCHBC Aldergrove chapter will be scheduling work bees to brush Gold Creek trail this spring.  They will be camping at the new Woodlands group camp which has highline posts installed for horses.  If you are interested in helping out on the work bees contact them at aldergrove@bchorsemen.org.   Huge thanks to everyone that sent emails or signed the online petition regarding the horse trailer parking issue.  It now looks like we have maintained our right to ride!