Packing trip to Rendezvous 2015

Annual Rendezvous

Rendezvous (RV) and our Annual General Meeting

By far the largest gathering of BCHBC is the annual Rendezvous.  Members and guests meet and camp at venues large enough to accommodate up to 300 members (with or without their horses) to learn, practice and share ideas for backcountry horsemanship skills, socialize and attend the Annual General Meeting.

At Rendezvous you may find activities such as obstacle course navigation simulating what you might find on the trail, packing lessons and competitions, clinicians and workshops on various aspects of horsemanship, Dutch oven competitions, Leave No Trace presentations, camping with horses clinics, music, as well as the annual “Ernie Buckle” cowboy poetry competition – plus lots of fun.  Members will meet with old friends, make new contacts from around the province and ride new trails.  The heart of Rendezvous is the Annual General Meeting where you will be informed of new and exciting projects, vote on executive positions and the future direction of the organization.

We sincerely regret that the current regulations of BC Health Authority in regards to COVID-19 have forced us to postpone this fantastic event for the second year in a row (2020 & 2021).  However, we will without question, look forward to hosting Rendezvous again as conditions permit – date to be determined once COVID restrictions are lifted.

For up-to-date information we invite you to follow our Rendezvous FaceBook page!

Pat Thomas reciting his poem “The Yellow Horse”.  Winner of the  2018 Ernie Buckle Poetry Contest