Wall-Tent Campout at Fishtrap Camp, Barriere, BC

By Verna Houghtaling, Prince George Chapter & Provincial Membership Coordinator

Have you ever wished you could head out to ride different territory and get to know some other BCHBC members? Not have to concern yourself with packing a camper, tent, and all your gear? Enjoy a hearty breakfast each morning before heading out for a day on the trail? My friends and I were the happy winners of the ‘Wall Tent Experience for Four’ offered at the annual BCHBC Online Auction (December 2020) and this is exactly what we got!

We had all winter to think about when and where we would like to go. After factoring in all considerations — weather, fires, floods, vacation time, etc. — we agreed on a fall trip. After all, the best time to experience the wonders of a wall tent is when you may need protection from the elements!

It was a sunny Friday morning in late September (2021) when Diane Pickering and I finished loading up our horses and headed south to meet up with Troy and Nadine Cape, our traveling partners in this adventure. We had the entire glorious day ahead of us. Our gracious hosts, Scott Walker (Okanagan Chapter) and Rose Schroeder (Shuswap Chapter), weren’t expecting us at the Recreation Sites & Trails BC Fishtrap Creek Camp until dinner time, so we decided to stop at Spruce Hills Resort at 108 Mile. BCHBC’s South Cariboo Chapter maintains a good number of horse-friendly campsites at this private resort and we wanted to explore the scenic trails and allow the horses to stretch their legs. We still had lots of time to meander on through to Little Fort, where we replenished our road snacks and beverages, then on to our destination!

We arrived at Fishtrap Camp, which is maintained by BCHBC North Thompson Chapter, just as dusk descended and got our horses settled into their spacious corrals.

We were treated to a scrumptious fish dinner and a relaxing evening in the cook tent. Diane and I chose to take advantage of the ‘true wall tent experience’ and got the entire ‘bedroom’ wall tent to ourselves. (The others had brought campers.) Scott had fired up the woodstove in our tent ahead of time, so we were cozy as ticks!

Morning brought a bit of a chill, but it didn’t take long to chase that away with another roaring fire. After coffee and a belly-warming breakfast, discussion ensued about which trail we’d should start with.  Our first day out took us a long way up – far enough to get lost, but that just added to the adventure! (If you’re using the HCBC Avenza maps in the Barriere area, download the Skull Mountain trail system.)  However, it meant a longer day than expected in the saddle, especially seeing the same landmarks more than once.

Overall, the riding was terrific, with lots of variety in the terrain and trails. One of our gracious hosts, Rose, took on the cooking chores as she couldn’t ride that weekend and wow – she is a master at the art of Dutch oven cookery. Breakfast, dinner, even dessert! My personal favourite was the chicken pot pie. We were introduced to a new trail favourite — the “Sit-on-it” sandwich. .

Keep an eye on the BCHBC Provincial FB page and/or website for details on the annual online auction in December – maybe YOU’LL be fortunate to be the winner of an experience like this or a myriad of others, for 2023!




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