A Note From The Back Country Horsemen of BC

We certainly appreciate and value all of the excitement our very first ever “On-line Auction” event created and we hope it was a bit of fun for everyone as well. We, as your Provincial Executive, are thrilled with what was a very successful first time event. This clearly indicates we are on the right path regarding our desire and goal of removing the need for our annual Rendezvous Event to be our main financial fundraising source of income.
We would really like to thank those who put together so many great offerings as Auction Items. Of course, we also thank all of the bidders and to the successful bidders, we sincerely hope you have a great time at, and truly enjoy, your adventure or experience.
We also would like to thank so many others, including Horse Council of BC, for promoting and sharing links for the Auction site to fellow members, friends and businesses.

Thank you all for making this a success,
Till we do it again in 2021, stay safe and have a great winter.
Marie Reimer and Scott Walker,
On-line Auction 2020 Team