1. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION  (Download and Print)
    We have reviewed and reworked the printable Membership Application Form such that it now includes the three additional documents which were formerly separate documents in order to bring together all documents which require signatures form all Senior Members and are required and recognized as “Terms and Conditions” for membership with our Society.
    The three additional documents are:
    A)  The BCHBC Ackowledgement of Risk, Waiver of Claims, Hold Harmless and Release From Liability Documents
    As Back Country Horsemen of BC, we want to protect our Society and our volunteers from the threat of legal actions.We recognize that participation in the activities of the Society contains some element of risk.  Accidents can happen, even with extensive planning and organization.  With thousands of volunteer hours and thousands of kilometres on the trails, the safety record of BCHBC is exemplary. As a group we can be proud of this.
    To help protect the future of our Society and to protect our volunteer members, we have developed a comprehensive Waiver document which identifies most, but not limited to, aspects of risk which may be encountered by members.
    B)  The Code of Ethics
    C) The Use of Photographs
    Please read all documents thoroughly and completely.Fill out all appropriate sections of the Application document, the Terms and Conditions documents and provide signatures and initials where required, for any and all Senior Members applying for membership.

    1. 2022 BCHBC Membership Form  (Download & Printable)
      NOTE:  A signed waiver is required for every member,  both Senior and Junior. The YOUTH ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABLITY  page must be signed by the legal guardianof the named youth member(s).Once an application is completed, submit all documents to your Chapter membership coordinator.
    2. Click here for Additional Over the Age of Majority ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABLITY (AR – 0103)If you have any questions or need assitance, contact membership@bchorsemen.org